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Fund raising is an integral part of Ringette Scores on Cancer and relates directly to the success individual participants, bench staff and teams will have in this event. Please refer to the "general information" page posted on this website to learn how fundraising helps individuals win prizes and how it can help teams play an extra ringette game.

Two methods of fundraising are available.

Online fundraising can be done through the facilities provided on the Alberta Cancer Foundation website. For complete details click here.  

Manual fundraising can be done with the pledge form posted below. All manual pledge forms and related funds raised should be brought to West Edmonton Mall during the course of Ringette Scores on Cancer and should NOT be sent to the Alberta Cancer Foundation.

Online fundraising amounts will be added to manual fundraising amounts for participants and teams to determine total funds raised.

The deadline for submission of online contributions and delivery of manual pledge forms to the control desk in West Edmonton Mall is 7 pm on Saturday January 19 in order for those amounts to be considered in determining whether teams advance to play a fourth game on Sunday January 20. Amounts received after 7 pm on the 19th will still receive the appropriate income tax receipt, however, they will NOT be considered in determining whether a team advances to the fourth game.