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The 11th annual Ringette Scores on Cancer tournament will be happening January 10 - 12, 2020 at West Edmonton Mall.  Teams at the A, B and C levels of U10 (step 2 and 3 only), U12, U14 and U16 that are registered and approved by Ringette Alberta, or their provincial governing ringette body for non-Alberta teams, for the 2019/2020 season are eligible to participate.

The intent of Ringette Scores on Cancer is twofold. First, to raise money for cancer research at the Cross Cancer Institute in Edmonton. Second, to provide a very unique event designed to allow young ringette players the opportunity to have a great deal of fun participating in a very special event.

Ringette Scores on Cancer runs from 2:00 - 11:00 pm on Friday January 10, 6:00 am - 10:00 pm on Saturday January 11 and 7:00 am - 9:00 pm on Sunday January 12. Teams participating in Ringette Scores on Cancer must be prepared to play during any of these dates/times. All games will be played at the Ice Palace in West Edmonton Mall.

Ringette Scores on Cancer is NOT a traditional ringette tournament. If you intend to partcipate, please review all the information posted on this website regarding the event to ensure it is suitable for your team. Once a team has been accepted to participate in Ringette Scores on Cancer no refunds, withdrawals, substitutions or changes will be permitted.

All teams participating in Ringette Scores on Cancer will be placed into a pool consisting of four similarly tiered teams. Each team in the pool will play the other teams with the result that all teams participating in Ringette Scores on Cancer are guaranteed to play three round robin games. Now the interesting part! The team with the best round robin record (2 points for a win, 1 point for a tie, no points for a loss) will play a fourth game against the team which has raised the greatest amount of pledges in their pool. In the event this is the same team then the team raising the second greatest amount of pledges will play a fourth game.

The team registration fee for Ringette Scores on Cancer is $475. Please complete the 2020 tournament registration form shown below and submit it along with payment to Ringette Scores on Cancer. Registration forms which are incomplete or do not have payment attached will not be considered. Payment can be made via cheque or credit card.

If payment is being made by cheque then faxed and/or emailed registrations will not be considered. All original documentation, including a cheque, must be sent by mail. Cheques will be cashed immediately upon a team being notified it has been accepted.

If payment is being made by credit card then faxed and emailed registrations are acceptable as well. Credit cards will be charged immediately upon a team being notified it has been accepted.

In addition to the team registration fee, each player and bench staff member will be required to obtain a minimum of $100 in pledges for cancer research at the Cross Cancer Institute. Many participants will, no doubt, raise much more than that! The $100 minimum pledge amount must be raised prior to a player or bench staff member being able to participate in Ringette Scores on Cancer. Income Tax receipts will be issued for all pledges. A combination of manual pledge forms and online pledge generating capabilities will be made available to all participants once their team has been accepted.

All players and coaches will be provided with a Ringette Scores on Cancer jersey which may be kept at the conclusion of the event. As well, all players will receive a package containing an assortment of "goodies" and other valuable/useful items.

A large number of prizes will be available to Ringette Scores on Cancer participants. Players and teams generating the highest amount of pledges will be rewarded.

Contests such as; banner making, minute to win it and coach's face painting will be available, at no cost, to all Ringette Scores on Cancer teams and players. All supplies for these activities will be provided to participants at no cost. Many prizes will be awarded.

Ringette Scores on Cancer is made possible through the combined efforts of the Ringette Scores on Cancer charitable foundation, the Alberta Cancer Foundation and the University Ringette Team.